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Ages: 21+ or older
Never A Cover!


Come play on one of our Olympic-sized Ping Pong tables. We provide paddles and balls or you can bring your own. If you want to test your skills or challenge a friend this is the place for you!


We have real darts! It’s not to say we have anything against plastic darts, we just prefer steel instead. In this area of Ricochet, we also have bar tops and stools to rest between shots or watch the action.


We love foosball. We have two Tornado tables and a custom 8-man table. Some of Iowa’s best players have played here, but the best match we’ve seen was between two couples. And remember, no spinning.


At Ricochet we have two 7′ (pub-style) Olhausen pool tables. In addition to these pool tables, we also have bumper pool tables. We provide cues but feel free to bring your own.


The perfect bar game. Don’t get us wrong. We love billiards and darts too. But don’t you get particularly excited when you discover a pub with a shuffleboard table? Luckily, shuffleboard is gaining popularity as a bar game and we’re all for it.


Some people call it ‘bags,’ but regardless of what you call it, this game is fun! We have regulation bags and platforms up to the ACA (American Cornhole Association… yeah that’s a real thing).


There’s beauty in simplicity, and skee-ball is a perfect example of that philosophy in action. You’ve got nine throws in the hopes of getting 900 points, a perfect game. Whether you fancy yourself a skee-ball wizard or a starlet, playing at Ricochet is sure to keep the entertainment high.


Rico-hammer is our version of a German game dating back to 1940, in which several contestants try to hammer a nail into a stump. Play continues to the right and lasts until one player has driven the head of their nail to (or below) the surface of the wood.


If you like foosball, you’ll love bubble hockey. Players control five players and a goalie, just like real hockey, and move them about slots in the playing surface with foosball-like rods. Complete with organ music and rabid cheering! If you’re a hockey player or fan, this is right up your alley.



Get your game and your drink on with one of Des Moines’ largest bar tops and with a wide variety of beers on tap. We will feature your favorite local brews and classic cocktails.

With friendly and attentive Ricochet servers working the floor, you can focus on your game.



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