Ricochet Party Tips

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We’ve had a lot of different kinds of events at Ricochet. Graduations, birthdays, company mixers, anniversaries, wedding receptions, art shows, baby showers, holidays, bachelor/ette parties, intern mixers, summer solstices, speed dating, fashion shows — we’ve even had a wedding (congrats Seth and Maria!). The one thing the hosts of every one of these parties had in common was they wanted their guests to have a great time. They chose us, so they were off to a good start, but there are a few more Ricochet party tips we’d like to recommend to every party planner to ensure their group has a blast.

Food and Beverages. In most cases, you probably want to provide your guests some refreshments. We don’t sell these items, which allows your group the freedom (and often cost-saving benefit) of catering or bringing in any food you like. From delivered pizzas to a full catered buffet, we can help you set up whatever type of food you would like to serve. Our kegerator can hold a full-sized keg, coolers may be brought in for guests to grab their own beers, or feel free to stock our four refrigerators with any beverages you like. We may not have an elevator to bring your things up, but our fantastic staff will help you out, and you get a mini workout in before enjoying everything you brought!

The Beats. We’ve got you covered when it comes to music; we can play something chill in the background for mingling, or get weird with some 90’s R&B — just let us know the vibe of your crowd. If you fancy yourself a bit of a DJ, any phone or computer can also be hooked up to play your personal playlist. For even further customization, let us know a specific movie or game you’d like to be showing on our projector screen, or maybe a photo slideshow or video you made yourself.

Tournaments. Tired of mingling with coworkers over canapes and cocktails? Why not add a little friendly competition to the mix? Let us do the work setting up and running a customized tournament for your event. Ned from IT and Nancy from Accounting will find out how much they have in common, and maybe a hidden talent for tossing darts.

We pride ourselves on providing a unique opportunity for every group, just let us know what you need and we’ll do our absolute best to make it happen. You can be involved in every detail, or we can take care of the whole thing. And if you happen to be reading this as an attendee rather than an organizer, remember that no matter how much we help out a lot of thought and time goes into making an event happen — so be sure to thank your hosts!

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