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At Ricochet, we feel you should let your competitive side show so we offer tournaments and leagues to test your skills against others. Stay up to date with upcoming tournaments, events and leagues below!


Find answers to common questions about our leagues, including rules, equipment, scheduling, and participation requirements.

What are the league rules?

Our league rules vary depending on the sport or activity. Please refer to the specific league page for detailed information on rules and regulations.

What equipment is required?

The required equipment for each league is listed on the league page. Please make sure to come prepared with the necessary gear.

How is scheduling determined?

League scheduling is determined based on team availability and facility availability. Our league coordinators work to create a schedule that accommodates all participating teams.

What are the participation requirements?

Participation requirements vary depending on the league. Some leagues may have age restrictions or skill level requirements. Please check the league details for specific participation requirements.

Can I join as an individual?

Yes, we offer both team and individual registration options for our leagues. If you don't have a team, you can sign up as a free agent and we'll help you find a team to join.

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