Don't hate the player or the game!

At Ricochet, we're dedicated to delivering boundless fun and entertainment. Revel in our extensive array of complimentary games, accessible at all times. Our curated selection, featuring top-notch brands, guarantees the perfect gaming environment.

No gamepass required

Free games

With friendly and attentive Ricochet servers working the floor, you can focus on your game.



Challenge your friends to a game of darts and show off your precision.


Classic table soccer action. Compete against your friends in exciting foosball matches.

bubble air hockey

bubble hockey

Classic table soccer action. Compete against your friends in exciting foosball matches.

4 people playing skeeball


Get ready for intense ping pong matches that will test your reflexes.

Board Games

Gather around a table and engage in friendly competition with a variety of board games.

Gamepass required

Premium games

Dive into excitement with Ricochet's GamePass, unlocking premium game thrills. Check our location lists to find games available near you.

ping pong

Come play on one of our Olympic-sized Ping Pong tables. We provide paddles and balls or you can bring your own. If you want to test your skills or challenge a friend, this is the place for you!

ping pong


The perfect bar game. Don’t get us wrong. We love billiards and darts too. But don’t you get particularly excited when you discover a pub with a shuffleboard table? Luckily, shuffleboard is gaining popularity and we’re all for it.


At Ricochet we have 7′ (pub-style) Olhausen pool tables. In addition to these pool tables, we also have bumper pool tables. We provide cues but feel free to bring your own.

couple playing pool


Precision meets fun in this classic pub game where skillful throws hit the bullseye of excitement.

Bumper pool

A thrilling twist on traditional pool where strategy meets collision, creating a dynamic and fast-paced gaming experience.

bumper pool

A Variety of Exciting Games Await You

Discover a wide selection of thrilling games at each of our locations. From classic favorites to innovative new releases, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Des Moines

Bumper pool
Ping Pong


Beer pong
Bubble air hockey
Board games
Hook & Ring

Kansas City

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Coming soon

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