How To: Darts

There are many great games you can play with darts, but to keep it simple this how-to is for Cricket. You can read below or watch video.

The Play

The six numbers are bull are the targets!
Only the areas of 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and bull are the target.
Be careful because if you land anywhere else, you won’t get any points!

Aim to open before your opponent!
If you hit any of the six numbers or bull, a mark is added to that number.
Once there are three marks, the number is open, and after that, hitting that number will score the player points.
① : 1 mark (Single)
② : 2 marks (Double x 1)
③ : 3 marks (Triple x 1, or Double x 1 + Single x 1, or Single × 3)
Act fast when your opponent opens a number!
If your opponent opens a number, opponent will be able to score on that number.
In order to prevent your opponent from scoring points, you must close that number by getting three marks. If the number is closed, opponent can no longer score points on that closed area.
Before spending time closing numbers, form a strategy so that you can open numbers first!